Meow letters alphabet learning app

Meow Letters
Ana Balica
Mentor: Ayush Gupta

Meow letters is a simple educational game for children to help them learn the alphabet. The default alphabet is English, but it should scale to any other alphabet. The goal of the game is to connect letters from a grid to form strings of consecutive letters and to keep as long as possible.

ZIPPI travel planner

Ute Bracklow
Mentor: Marcin Skurczynski

ZIPPI is a web application to make travel planning easier. Create a map of the country you want to go to, pin everything that you hear or read about and that interests you sorted by category (culture, nature, accomodation, nightlife, etc.), add your comment and/or link. The final map will help you decide which route to take, which cities or sights not to miss and to have all information in one place.

Langy Learny language game

Marilena Besuca
Mentor: Dominika Mips
Ruby on Rails

Langy Learny is a language game for learning French. It enables the user to register and then log in and is built from Grammar and Vocabulary categories, each category with its own content and questions related to that content. After answering the quiz, the user gets a feedback, where the correctness of her/his answer to each question is highlighted. While the content in a Grammar category is mainly text, in Vocabulary categories the layout is slightly different, as the webpage consist of a lot of pictures. The user can click on each picture and then sees a little window popping up with information related to the photo.

Langy Learny

Expense splitter

Dinu Kumarasiri
Mentor: Kesha Shah

Expense splitter is an application that records and manages group expenses. Users have profiles with unique id. They should be able to create, modify and delete events. Events contain spender, category, date, description, people and percentages.

Expense Splitter

Network communicator

Agnieszka Trusiewicz
Network communicator

The Communicator application connects computers within the same local network. It was built in C++, the enviroment used was Code::Blocks. I used Sockets, particularly WinSock, which is used for network programming. GUI was created with Win32 API. The communicator was to enable two users connected to the same local network to have a conversation. Let me know if you need any more details.

Employee tracker

Geetika Batra
Mentor: Gosia Borzęcka
C++ and ASP.NET

Employee is an intelligent software to keep track of employees in an organization. It supports adding, editing, deleting, and listing of employees and related data stored in a database.

Employee tracker